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Scala seems to be very good at serializing scala.xml.Elem (on my machine it performs approximately 150k per seconds), however deserialization seems to be quite slow (10k per second) using XML.loadString

What is the fastest alternative?

Thank you

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Whilst its not an answer to faster scala.xml.Elem deserializing Scales Xml performs very well with a far lower memory usage. It provides a large range of functionality that's not present in the default library either.

Scales lets you configure the trade-offs between significantly lower memory usage and parsing performance. The default aims to strike a great balance.

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You might want to look into Anti-XML. I have no experience with it so I cannot comment on its advantages or shortcomings. It does claim to be much more memory-efficient than the standard library XML support.

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Anti-XML doesn't seem to be maintained at the moment. – mkneissl Jan 16 '13 at 21:31

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