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sorry for being vague but I have a PHP script which extracts data from a database and displays it, however instead of outputting the contents of the database it outputs 'Array' the number of times their are results.

(Couldn't get the to work again, script uploaded here), the script's output is also here.) Thanks :-)

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$row is an array, in contains all record fields. Use

echo $rows['unique_id'];


And don't use mysql extension

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Brilliant, thanks a bunch! –  Jack Carlin Jan 16 '13 at 17:27

Use print_r($array); or var_dump($array); to see

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Have you tried printr or var_dump?

You need to specify the column or value in the array to echo.

echo $rows[unique_id];
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As the name implies, mysql_fetch_array() returns an array. You probably want:

 echo $rows['unique_id'];
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