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I'm trying to setup ACLs in order to allow IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY roles to have MaskBuilder::MASK_VIEW for a class/entity in my project. Every time I call isGranted() it returns false.

Security Config

        conection: default
            pattern: ^/test
            anonymous: ~
        - { path: ^/test, roles: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }

Test Controller


// ... namespace stuff

class TestController {
    public function setupAcl() {
        $aclProvider    = $this->get('security.acl.provider');
        $objectIdentity = new ObjectIdentity('class', 'Test\\Bundle\\TestBundle\\Entity\\Test');

        $acl = $aclProvider->createAcl($objectIdentity);

        $securityIdentity = new RoleSecurityIdentity('IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY');

        $acl->insertClassAce($securityIdentity, MaskBuilder::MASK_VIEW);

        // complete

    public function testAcl() {
        // ... logic to get $entity

        $securityContext = $this->get('security.context');

        if (! $securityContext->isGranted('VIEW', $entity)) {
            throw new AccessDeniedException('You do not have permission to view this.');

        // proceed with presentation ...

Hopefully from the above you can see me setup and test Actions. I run the setup and it completes with no errors, checking my database to make sure and yep the setup has stored them. Then I run the test and it always returns false and throws AccessDeniedException?

Have I setup my ACLs incorrectly or is the logic in my checks wrong? I'm using Symfony v2.1.6 FYI.

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