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I'm trying to embed the Google Chart url below into a Pisa xhtml2pdf PDF, but can't seem to make it work.


I was hoping this post would solve my problem but no luck.

I'm using the following code (taken from the aforementioned post)

html = render_to_string('reporting/pdf.html', keys,
result = StringIO.StringIO()
pdf = pisa.pisaDocument(
        StringIO.StringIO(html.encode('ascii', 'xmlcharrefreplace')),
        result, link_callback=link_callback)
return HttpResponse(result.getvalue(), mimetype='application/pdf')


def link_callback(uri, rel):
    if uri.find('chart.apis.google.com') != -1:
        return uri
    if uri.find('mydomain.com') != -1:
        return uri
    return os.path.join(settings.MEDIA_ROOT, uri.replace(settings.MEDIA_URL, ""))

It works when I embed images from mydomain.com but I get nothing when trying to link to chart.apis.google.com

This works:

<img src="http://mydomain.com/foo.jpg>

This is broken:

<img src="http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=bvs&chd=t:425.9,550.6&chs=400x125&chds=0,600&chl=Aug%2009|">

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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