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I'm using HTML5 and canvas to design a game for which I need a keyboard input element. I do NOT want to use the device's keyboard, but instead, would like to make a custom keyboard that will be "fixed" to the screen/canvas for the duration of gameplay. I've seen NETTUT's sample of a CSS/JS/HTML5 keyboard. I would love to recreate the IOS-like interface in that example. However, I'm interested in a keyboard that is integrated into the canvas (in other words, no CSS). Is that possible? If so, what are the different methods that I use in order to draw the keyboard and give it functionality WITHIN the canvas using javascript? Scaling is also a concern. I'm extremely comfortable with HTML5/CSS but I am brand new to Javascript, so PLEASE break it ALL the way down. Thanks!

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Possibly this and this questions can help. –  antejan Jan 16 '13 at 0:33
Antejan, thanks for the links. I would like a code/method that works in both safari and chrome and recognizes touch on the keyboard. Should I use <img> in the HTML and draw the background of the keyboard and/or keys? I would also like to highlight the button when clicked. I thought that I could separate the keyboard background, keys, and highlighted key images and use canvas to draw the characters over the keys. Is this a good idea? BTW, I would like to keep this application as lightweight as possible. –  user1982017 Jan 19 '13 at 2:08

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