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I have a simple test like this:

  "xxx" should {
    "xxx" in running(FakeApplication()) {
      FakeRequest(GET, "/xxx/xxxx")
    ) must beLike {
    case Some(result) => {
      "" must_== ""

The test always freezes near the end of the test:

[info] Total for test controllers.XxxTest
[info] Finished in 0.001 seconds
[info] 1 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors

So I quit the test Ctrl+C...

Is there any Idea?

JVM 1.7.0_11
Scala 2.10.0
Play 2.1-RC2
Mac OSX 10.8.2

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It seems that they re-enabled forking of tests (see So you need to upgrade sbt to 0.12.2-RC2, by simply putting


into your

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Temporary measures

Add the following snippet in your Build.scala (or Build.sbt):

sbt.Keys.fork in Test := false
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