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I am trying to build a simple game of Connect Four with Python(2.7)

I have created a board, that consists of a simple multidimensional Python list.
My Board list looks like this:

board = [



Were X is Player1 and O is Player2(or Computer).

Now, I have created some basic code for the GUI, like this:

# Connect 4 Game
import Tkinter

screen = Tkinter.Tk()
screen.title("My First Game")

#Create a board
board = Tkinter.Canvas(screen,width=500,height=500)


Question: How can i create a visual representation of the board, so that for every list, there is a rectangle? Also, is there a way to detect, when a rectangle is clicked and replace the corresponding list value?

I hope the question is not too unclear. Thanks!

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Is there a reason each element of your board is a list itself? I mean, the ['_'], ['X'], or ['O']. Shouldn't they just be elements, like '_', 'X', or 'O'? – ford Jan 16 '13 at 0:33
I guess not. I am just learning Python and that was my first idea, how to do it. I'm sure there are better way, but i just don't know them. – intelis Jan 16 '13 at 0:35
@fizzisist: thanks, i just eddited the code – intelis Jan 16 '13 at 0:38
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I created a board of labels and color them according to which is clicked:

import Tkinter as tk

board = [ [None]*10 for _ in range(10) ]

counter = 0

root = tk.Tk()

def on_click(i,j,event):
    global counter
    color = "red" if counter%2 else "black"
    board[i][j] = color
    counter += 1

for i,row in enumerate(board):
    for j,column in enumerate(row):
        L = tk.Label(root,text='    ',bg='grey')
        L.bind('<Button-1>',lambda e,i=i,j=j: on_click(i,j,e))


This doesn't do any validation (to make sure that the element clicked is at the bottom for example). It would also be much better with classes instead of global data, but that's an exercise for the interested coder :).

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You probably want to create a grid of Buttons. You can style them according to the values in board, and assign a callback that updates the board when clicked.

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