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I have a set of checkboxes in my site that run the javascript posted below. The issue is that when I pick a color from the checkboxes, it does not do any action and I see the following error in the Chrome console:

GET ../store/indexMain.php?color=Khaki 500 (Internal Server Error) jquery-1.7.2.min.js:4
send jquery-1.7.2.min.js:4
f.extend.ajax jquery-1.7.2.min.js:4
f.fn.extend.load jquery-1.7.2.min.js:4
(anonymous function) www.tahara.es:68
f.event.dispatch jquery-1.7.2.min.js:3

Here is the js:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
    $("input[type='checkbox']").on('change', function() {
        var boxes = [];
        // You could save a little time and space by doing this:
        var name = this.name;
        // critical change on next line
        $("input[type='checkbox'][name='"+this.name+"']:checked").each(function() {
        if (boxes.length) {
            // Change the name here as well
            $(".indexMain").load('indexMain.php?'+this.name+'=' + boxes.join("+"),
            function() {

        } else {
            $(".indexMain").load('indexMain.php', function() {

Adding PHP from indexMain.php

$colors = $_GET['color'];
if ($colors != '')
            $colors = explode(' ', $colors);
            $parameters = join(', ', array_fill(0, count($colors), '?'));
            $items = $con -> prepare("SELECT * FROM item_descr WHERE color_base1 IN ({$parameters})");
            $items ->execute($colors);
            $count = $items -> rowCount();


        $items = $con -> prepare("SELECT * FROM item_descr ORDER BY date DESC");
        $items -> execute();
        $count = $items -> rowCount();


$row_count = 0;
echo "<div>Showing ".$count."items</div>";
while($info = $items->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) 



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500 (Internal Server Error) There is a problem in the php script you are GETTING at /store/indexMain.php?color=Khaki -- Have you tried just going to the URL and see what happens? –  Zak Jan 16 '13 at 0:43
Could you possibly go and set some of your 19 outstanding questions to answered? –  Lee Taylor Jan 16 '13 at 0:43
@Zak - I posted the PHP part... would you mind taking a look? –  samyb8 Jan 16 '13 at 2:28

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The problem is not in the javascript, but rather in your server side.

$(".indexMain").load('indexMain.php?'+this.name+'=' + boxes.join("+"), function() {

You tried to load something from the server, and the server respond with 500. Check your server log and see what's the problem

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I just posted the PHP part... I can't find the issue –  samyb8 Jan 16 '13 at 2:32
You need to check the server side log, because you get http 500 error, which is always triggered due to kind of server fail, e.g. error to access a database, or some program logic error caused exception –  green Jan 16 '13 at 4:58
How can i check that log from Chrome? –  samyb8 Jan 16 '13 at 11:46
you can't check server log from front end. You need to go to where indexMain.php is running and check the log on the console of that machine –  green Jan 16 '13 at 22:40

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