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I'm writing codes for a c++ assignment and I've got Queue.h and Queue.cpp file. But cannot make use of them coz when I put #include "Queue.h" in the main(). I got the above problem in the line 12 of Queue.h file.

error C2371: 'ItemType' : redefinition; different basic types

I wanted to put RecordService class as Itemtype.

My Queue.h file is below.

#pragma once
#ifndef Queue_H
#define Queue_H
#include "RecordService.h"
using namespace std;

typedef RecordService ItemType;  // << problem here

/** ADT queue - Pointer-based implementation. */
class Queue
    /** A node on the queue. */ 
    struct Node
        /** A data item on the queue. */
        ItemType item;
        /** Pointer to next node.     */
        Node    *next;
    }; // end Node

    /** Pointer to front node in the queue. */
    Node *frontNode;
    /** Pointer to back node in the queue. */
    Node *backNode;


   /** Default constructor. */

   /** Destructor. */

// Queue operations:
   bool isEmpty() const;
   bool enqueue(ItemType& newItem);
   bool dequeue();
   bool dequeue(ItemType& item);
   void getFront(ItemType& item) const;

}; // end Queue
// End of header file.


My Queue.cpp is here

#include "Queue.h"  // header file

}  // end default constructor

   while (!isEmpty())
}  // end destructor

bool Queue::isEmpty() const
   return backNode == NULL;
}  // end isEmpty

bool Queue::enqueue(ItemType& newItem)
     // create a new node
      Node *newNode = new Node;
      newNode->item = newItem;
      newNode->next = NULL;

      // insert the new node
      if (isEmpty())
     // insertion into empty queue
         frontNode = newNode;
     // insertion into nonempty queue
         backNode->next = newNode;

      backNode = newNode;  // new node is at back
      return true;

}  // end enqueue

bool Queue::dequeue() 
            cout<<"The queue is empty."<<endl;
            Node *temp= frontNode;

            delete (temp);
        return true;  // end if

}  // end dequeue

bool Queue::dequeue(ItemType& item)
        cout<<"The queue is empty."<<endl;
        item = frontNode->item;
    return true;

}  // end dequeue

void Queue::getFront(ItemType& item) const
   if (!isEmpty())
      // queue is not empty; retrieve front
      item = frontNode->item;
        cout << "The queue is empty." << endl;
}  // end getFront

u may see that i want to put RecordService as Itemtype in "Queue.h" header. Here is RecordService.h

#pragma once
#ifndef RecordService_H
#define RecordService_H
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <ctime>
using namespace std;

class RecordService
    RecordService(string, string, string, int, double, bool, string);

    //set methods
    void setTransID(char);
    void setCusName(string);
    void setVehicleNo(string);
    void setCarType(string);
    void setWashDuration(int);
    void setShampooDuration(int);
    void setPolishDuration(int);
    void setVacuumDuration(int);
    void setTotalDuration(int,int,int,int);
    void setWashingCharge(double);
    void setShampooingCharge(double);
    void setPolishingCharge(double);
    void setVacuumingCharge(double);
    void setTotalCharge(double,double,double,double);
    void setRewardStatus(bool);
    void setDateOfTrans(string);

    //get methods
    char getTransID();
    string getCusName();
    string getVehicleNo();
    string getCarType();
    int getWashDuration();
    int getShampooDuration();
    int getPolishDuration();
    int getVacuumDuration();
    int getTotalDuration();
    double getWashingCharge();
    double getShampooingCharge();
    double getPolishingCharge();
    double getVacuumingCharge();
    double getTotalCharge();
    bool getRewardStatus();
    string getDateOfTrans();

    char transID;
    string CusName;
    string vehicleNo;
    string carType;
    int WashDuration;
    int ShampooDuration;
    int PolishDuration;
    int VacuumDuration;
    int TotalDuration;
    double WashingCharge;
    double ShampooingCharge;
    double PolishingCharge;
    double VacuumingCharge;
    double TotalCharge;
    bool RewardStatus;
    string DateOfTrans;


Appreciation in advance for helping me. I cannot move on to other parts because of this error.

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Use uppercase letters only in preprocessor defines (Queue_H->QUEUE_H) – Csq Jan 16 '13 at 1:53
I start to think that the error is in main. – Csq Jan 16 '13 at 1:58
I've tried out your code and compiles fine. So now I definitely think that the error is in main. – Csq Jan 16 '13 at 2:05
how can i show my main() – user1498364 Jan 16 '13 at 8:21
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ItemType could be moved inside the Queue class. Now it may collide with other headers of yours that has ItemType defined.

So instead of

typedef RecordService ItemType;  // << problem here

/** ADT queue - Pointer-based implementation. */
class Queue


/** ADT queue - Pointer-based implementation. */
class Queue
    typedef RecordService ItemType;


ItemType will still be accessible as ItemType inside the Queue and Queue::ItemType outside the Queue class (if made public)

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hello, I could solve in the queue file with this solution but I got another problem with linked list(array). The problem is when I put typedef ItemType above the class, I got error in main(). When I move it under the class, I got the error in list cpp file. :( – user1498364 Jan 16 '13 at 7:47
Without the concrete error message I guess that you have references for ItemType outside the list class, and therefore you have to replace them with List::ItemType. – Csq Jan 16 '13 at 9:06

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