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I would like to start Behat-ing my application and would like to see nr of queries executed per-page (in case I forgot some Join statement and Doctrine lazy-loads the relation).

How to do that?

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If you use the Symfony2 Behat Extension, you should be able to the just the same thing as in Symfony2 functional tests. Profiler is just a service which can easily be retrieved from the container:

$profiler = $kernel->getContainer()->get('profiler');

Then you'll need to load the profile for your response:

$response = $session->getClient()->getResponse();
$token = $response->getHeader('X-Debug-Token');
$profile = $profiler->loadProfile($token);

It is also possible to load the profile from Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response object:

$profile = $profiler->loadProfileFromResponse($response);

However, $session->getClient()->getResponse() returns a Symfony\Component\BrowserKit\Response.

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