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I have a self referential association:

has_many :households
has_many :relations, :through => :households
has_many :inverse_relationships, :class_name => 'Household', :foreign_key => 'friend_id'
has_many :inverse_relations, :through => :inverse_relationships, :source => :person

Im my controller with decent_exposure I use:


Now in my views in haml with simple_form I have:

= f.input  :first_name,:label => 'First Name'
= f.input  :middle_name, :label => 'Middle Name'
= f.input  :last_name, :label => 'Last Name'

Now I want to be able to list or enter the relations in my "household" and I don't have a clue

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I changed this to a simpler arrangement of just having a household model with many neighbors and a neighbor model instead of a self referential arrangement of linking neighbors to neighbors via households

Sometimes simpler is better

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