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I am getting NullPointerException when accessing member fields only 3 levels deep in my view template:


If I use getter functions instead, it works. But it is cumbersome.

I am using Ebean and I read that Hibernate has a max_fetch_depth. I am suspecting that something similar is causing my problems. How do I make Play load more objects eagerly?

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This has nothing to do with the max_fetch_depth property.

Dynamic fetching is allowed by byte code enhancement on the models, and it works only for the getters.

See the official documentation:

Enhancement of direct Ebean field access (enabling lazy loading) is only applied to Java classes, not to Scala. Thus, direct field access from Scala source files (including standard Play 2 templates) does not invoke lazy loading, often resulting in empty (unpopulated) entity fields. To ensure the fields get populated, either (a) manually create getter/setters and call them instead, or (b) ensure the entity is fully populated before accessing the fields.

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