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I am trying to use an external CSS style sheet to have default tag properties for a web page I'm displaying in a JEditorPane. I'm trying to use Java's StyleSheet class to override particular tag properties defined in the external style sheet that my web page is linking to. I'm using the following code:

    editorPane = new JEditorPane();
        editorPane.setPage(new URL("file:///c:/users/ryan/desktop/htmlviewer.htm"));
    catch (IOException e)

    HTMLEditorKit editorKit = new HTMLEditorKit();
    HTMLDocument document = (HTMLDocument) editorKit.createDefaultDocument();

    StyleSheet styleSheet = document.getStyleSheet();
    styleSheet.addRule("p { color:#0000ff; }");



My external CSS style sheet contains the line:

p { color:#ff0000; }

When I run this in Java 6, the text color for p tags is #0000ff. But when I run it in Java 7, the text color for p tags is #ff0000.

Why did the behavior change? Is there a way I can make the CSS properties I define in Java to take precedence over the ones defined in my external CSS style sheet? Example code would be appreciated.

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