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I've been running the following task for grunt 0.3 and moved to 0.4 and registerHelper has been deprecated. What is the correct method of implementing this with the new API.

module.exports = function(grunt) {
'use strict';

var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');
var crypto = require('crypto');

grunt.registerTask('wpversion', 'Set the versions in scripts.php for CSS/JS', function() {
  var scriptsPhp = 'src/lib/include_functions/scripts.php';

  // Hash the CSS
  var hashCss = grunt.helper('md5', 'dist/assets/css/main.min.css');

  // Hash the JS
  var hashJs = grunt.helper('md5', 'dist/assets/scripts/scripts.min.js');

  // Update scripts.php to reference the new versions
  var regexCss = /(wp_enqueue_style\('main_css',(\s*[^,]+,){2})\s*[^\)]+\);/;
  var regexJs = /(wp_register_script\('main_js',(\s*[^,]+,){2})\s*[^,]+,\s*([^\)]+)\);/;

  var content =;
  content = content.replace(regexCss, "\$1 '" + hashCss + "');");
  content = content.replace(regexJs, "\$1 '" + hashJs + "', " + "\$3);");
  grunt.file.write(scriptsPhp, content);
  grunt.log.writeln('"' + scriptsPhp + '" updated with new CSS/JS versions.');

* The 'md5' helper is a basic wrapper around crypto.createHash
grunt.registerHelper('md5', function(filepath) {
  var hash = crypto.createHash('md5');
  grunt.log.write('Versioning ' + filepath + '...').ok();
  return hash.digest('hex');
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Just make it a normal function. If it's large put it in an separate file and require it. If it's reusable for other tasks, publish it as a node module so that other tasks can make use of it.

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The grunt-helpers are deprecated in favor of node's require. There is a project to help use the legacy helpers:

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