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It's only every once in awhile that I have to write in c++. My problem is how do you find a character string within a string? Then save that line, and then look for a set of numbers in that line. For example I have a text file that looks like this.

Address Length Name 87623498 2 dog 12345678 4 cat 98737289 1 bird

I want to search for "cat" and then store the numbers associated with it (12345678) and (4) to different variable names. Here is some code I have written, but it's not close to being correct. I have an .exe that calls this DLL. Any help is appreciated! ` #include #include #include #include #include

char* File_Path;  //Path is sent by another program
char* Name;   //value is being sent by another program
unsigned long Address;
int Length;
int found = 0;
   using namespace std;
   std::string Line;
   std::ifstream infile; (File_Path);
   if (infile.is_open())
       std::ofstream outfile; ("C:\\debug\\test.txt")
       while (infile.good()  && found == 0)
           //if (Name is within Line){
           /*I want to say IF char* Name = a part of the string line 
           ie.  Name = cat and the string Line is (12345678 4 cat)
           Then store the number (12345678 = Address), and 
           (4 = Length)  I hope that makes sense :/
                outfile << Line;                 //output the stored line for debug
                outfile << address;              //output the stored address for debug
                outfile << length;               //output the stored length for debug
                found = 1;


return 0;

` Please help! Thank you!

share|improve this question – Johnny Mopp Jan 16 '13 at 3:26
Homework, disguised as a "gee, I forget how to do this kind of thing, I only work in this language sometimes"? – Ken White Jan 16 '13 at 3:28
Actually more of a power electronics engineer that, like I said, never has to write c++. It's actually for work but I'll figure it out. Thanks Johnny for the post, appreciate it. – user1982227 Jan 17 '13 at 0:44

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