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I've built an installer using WiX 3.0. The installer contains additional installers that can be run to add functionality at a later time. The "sub" installers are large-ish (totaling ~200MB). WiX builds were around a minute until I added these "sub" installers and then times increase to about 11 minutes. For reference, I'm building to a single .msi output with the EmbedCab="yes". Any tricks out there to speed this up?

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It sounds like this isn't an option for you, but when I set up build systems I often end up using external source files for intermediate builds to speed up the whole process and eliminate the cab compression completely. On another note - if you embed all the installers anyway, wouldn't it be better to compile it all into a single MSI and use the feature dialog to control feature addition? After all that's what the feature concept is for? –  Stein Åsmul Oct 2 '09 at 4:35

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The cab cache will probably save you a lot of time. See my answer to this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1207020/reusing-wix-components-to-speed-up-candle-light

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Thanks for the link –  CheGueVerra Sep 17 '09 at 15:16
If I had any bacon I'd send it to you because you just saved it. :) Thanks for answer. –  Mike Ward Sep 18 '09 at 11:43

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