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I am attempting to upload a video to YouTube using the developer key that I obtained as paired with credentials for a particular user. It seems to me that my YoutubeService object should have the proper developer credentials, but the server comes back with 403: Developer key required for this operation.

import gdata
client_id = 'dummy-client'
developer_key = 'xxxxxxx......'
youtube_user = ''
youtube_password = 'passwordgoeshere'
yt_service =, developer_key)
yt_service.ssl = True
yt_service.developer_id = developer_key
yt_service.client_id = client_id = youtube_user
yt_service.password = youtube_password
yt_service.source = client_id
yt_service.ProgrammaticLogin() #Successfully login with the developer key and the user's credentials

my_media_group ='video.avi'),'plain', text='My Video'),''),
    scheme='', label='Autos')],
video_entry =
video_file_location = '/path/to/video.avi'

#Use the supposedly authenticated and developer_id associated YoutubeService object to upload the video
new_entry = yt_service.InsertVideoEntry(video_entry, video_file_location)

#Receive the following error:
#Traceback (most recent call last):
#  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
#  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gdata/youtube/", line 661, in InsertVideoEntry
#    raise YouTubeError(e.args[0]) {'status': 403, 'body': 'Developer key required     for this operation', 'reason': 'Forbidden'}
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Your developer ID and developer key are different things. You need to put your key (which is associated with your account rather than a specific registered application) into yt_service.developer_key

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