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I made a Facebook game for Windows 8 where users can connect to Facebook and share their scores.

When users close the game and later reopen it, I have their UserName and User ID cached; however, I get their image with the graph api url.

My problem occurs when users open my app when they are offline. I can display their name correctly, because it is cached, but I cannot display their image, because it is not cached. How can I cache their image in my WinJS app so that it is still available when they are offline?

Here is my code to show their image:

$('#FbUserExterno img').attr('src', '' + RS.getUserId() + '/picture');


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At the point you are connected, download the image file and save it locally (using WinJs.xhr, for instance).

You can then use the ms-appdata:///local/ scheme for the image source pointing to the downloaded file in local storage.

Of course, you'll want to refresh the image in local storage at some frequency, perhaps re-downloading it when you detect you have a network connection.

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Great! Do you know how can i detect if i have a network connection? – Bruno Croys Felthes Jan 16 '13 at 12:32
take a look at this Quickstart – Jim O'Neil Jan 17 '13 at 1:15

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