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I am writing a PhoneGap/Cordova app and am using the ChildBrowser plugin to open pages similar to a WebView in iOS or Android. I often test my web pages on my local browser (usually Chrome) because viewing my page locally is much faster than deploying it onto a device or emulator. Using a browser also allows me to take advantage of debugging tools such as Chrome's Inspect feature or Firefox's Firebug plugin.

The issue is that the ChildBrowser plugin will not work on a non-mobile platform. Is there any work-around out there to allow me to test ChildBrowser before deploying it to a device/emulator?

BTW, using Ripple did not work for me because ChildBrowser is not yet supported by Ripple.

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Why the downvote? It is a valid question –  ecbrodie Jan 16 '13 at 4:19
I'd upgrade to 2.3.0 and use InAppBrowser which is controlled via window.open() which will work on any browser. –  Simon MacDonald Jan 16 '13 at 15:50

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I would use the device model to detect what's opening the page, put an if statement to say if it's not a phone device then open the page normally and bypass childbrowser.


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