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I'm trying to do a simple checkValidity of a numeric input field on blur, but can't get it to work properly. Does this work in Chrome yet? For instance:

<input onBlur="checkValidity()" type="number" name="x" id="x" min="64" max="2048" value=64>


<input onBlur="this.checkValidity()" type="number" name="x" id="x" min="64" max="2048" value=64>

Don't seem to do anything. However, in the console,


does return true or false based on the current value in the input box and the limits above of (64,2048). Is this broken, or am I doing it wrong?

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You mentioned this yourself: "checkValidity() does return true or false", so it seems that the method returns a value that tells your script whether it's valid or not, instead of actually do something (e.g. hinting user, blocking input, etc.). So your onblur event handler actually "works", it just doesn't do UI-things. – Passerby Jan 16 '13 at 4:22
yeah, its not throwing an error. When I actually submit the form, the validation does work and there are popups where there are bad inputs. THose are what I was going for onBlur... – reptilicus Jan 16 '13 at 4:26
I guess you want to trigger the validate popup whenever the user "finishes" an input? That's not possible, as that's browser's behavior, not a HTML spec. You can use if(!obj.checkValidity()){...} to somehow "emulate" the behavior. – Passerby Jan 16 '13 at 4:51
Yeah, thats kinda what I'm going for here. After the user inputs an invalid number into the field above and blurs out to the next field, alert them to the error before they actually go to submit and might have multiple errors. – reptilicus Jan 16 '13 at 15:36
Seems like there's no way to get the browser default action (when checkValidity() fails) to fire unless you do a full submit. That's kind of a shame. – toddv Sep 11 '14 at 17:54
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This is a demonstration of what you may want to head to:


<input type="number" min="64" max="256" onblur="validate(this);" />
function validate(obj)
    alert("You have invalid input. Correct it!");

Noted that I'm just demonstrating the concept here; alert may cause very unpleasant experience, so don't just copy it.

Use some floating DIV to attract your user, instead of the full-blocking alert.

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You should use onChange Event

for example

var input1 = document.getElementById('txt_username');
    input1.onchange = function(){
        input1.setCustomValidity(input1.validity.patternMismatch ? 'username must match a-z,A-Z,0-9,4-16 character' : ''); 
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onblur="checkValidity()" has no effect because blur event is not cancelable.

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onBlur doesn't work in chrome when written like that. Its a bug. It only works if the blur is lowercase. Like this ---> onblur. Hope this helps!

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