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Hi I am getting only the last value from the database in the webgrid. I have used foreach to get all the value from the database and binded it to the webgrid but it is showing only the last value in the webgrid . Please guide me

 var listobject = list ;

  foreach (var m in ViewBag.Model)
      var  list = new[] 

                    new { Name = m.Name, Genre =m.Genre }                        

      listobject = list;


  WebGrid studentGrid = new WebGrid();
  studentGrid.Bind(listobject, autoSortAndPage: false, rowCount: 3);


        <%= studentGrid.GetHtml(columns: 
new WebGridColumn[]
        studentGrid.Column("Name", "name"),
        studentGrid.Column("Genre", "Genre"),



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On every iteration, you reset "list", which is why you are losing any value assigned to it on the previous iteration. Just pass in ViewBag.Model:

var grid = new WebGrid(ViewBag.Model);

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