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In Ruby, what does it mean for a String or Array (etc) object to be 'Frozen'? How/where is this property set or modified?

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It means you cannot modify it. You set it by freeze method.

s = "a"

concat modifies the string instance.

# => "ab"

When you freeze the string:


then, you cannot apply concat any more.

# => RuntimeError: can't modify frozen String

However, you can apply methods that do not modify the receiver:

s + "c"
# => "abc"
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Prevents further modifications to obj. A RuntimeError will be raised if modification is attempted. There is no way to unfreeze a frozen object. See also Object#frozen?.

a = [ "a", "b", "c" ]
a << "z"


prog.rb:3:in `<<': can't modify frozen array (RuntimeError)
from prog.rb:3


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