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While I try to retrieve Account details from Netsuite using Webservice, Opening balance always returns null.

I am using the following code to retrieve account details:

AccountSearch accountSearch = new AccountSearch();
AccountSearchBasic accBasic = new AccountSearchBasic();

I also tried using port.get(recordRef), port.getList(recordRef[]) and port.getAll(getAllrecord) but got the same there any other way to retrieve the account details of Netsuite using webservice ?

Thanks in advance

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This may help

public boolean performSearch(NetSuitePortType p_objportCall) throws Exception
    boolean status = false;
    AccountSearchBasic l_objaccountSearchBasic = new AccountSearchBasic();
        SearchResult l_objSearchResult =;
        System.out.println(" Account Search Number of records: " +l_objSearchResult.getTotalRecords());
        if (l_objSearchResult.getTotalRecords() > 0 )
    catch (Exception e)
        System.err.println("Acct Search performsearch: "+e.toString());
        throw e;
    return status;
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