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I have table in UI which is populated by values from database. Now I want to call a controller action Onclick of table row and render to different view. I tried following code function is getting executed properly but its not rendering to different view.


 <tr onclick="<g:remoteFunction controller="LeaveApplied" action='getLeaveDetail' id='${}'/>">


def getLeaveDetails(){
    def leaveObj = leaveAppliedService.getLeaveDetail(
    println "leave: "+leaveObj
    render(view:'respond', model: [leave:leaveObj])

Any Answers will be thank full.

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Note your action in the remoteFunction is getLeaveDetail and your action name is getLeaveDetailS – James Kleeh Jan 16 '13 at 14:19

if you want to update your table with an ajax call, you can try this:


onclick="<g:remoteFunction controller="LeaveApplied" action="getLeaveDetail" params="[id:]" update="target_div" />"


def getLeaveDetails(){
   def leaveObj = leaveAppliedService.getLeaveDetail(
   render(template:'respond', model: [leave:leaveObj])

Haven't tested the code, but the important things are to set the params and update Attributes in your GSP and to render a template instead of a view.

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