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I am working on code which involves two steps,

Step 1 : In Step 1, We are passing three values (x,y,z) and ID to the servlet as given below,


So as shown above, we are passing three values 10,20,30

Step 2: Now there is another servlet which want to refer x,y and z values of ID 555.

I could save x,y,z to file against 555 or I could use Database to get x,y,z values.

But every time, If I perform Step2 or make call to servlet in step2, Is it good to read data from file every-time.

How can we make it more optimized ?

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Don't read or write files from your servlets unless you have no choice (large amount of data). –  Med Jan 16 '13 at 6:58

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The correct way of doing this is to use the memcached system. Some web application servers support this "out-of-the-box", while for others there exist third-party implementations (for example, jmemcached for Java).

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You can create a common static object in memory (Like a Hashmap) and put this values inside it and then fetch data from step 2. But be careful about the synchronization between this 2 steps.

Or you can store your values inside the session or application context.

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