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I am working on an application that will automatically insert into my clients QuickBooks Online Edition database. I have the xml format but now I need to do some testing to make sure the inserts go into the QBOE database correctly. Is there a QuickBooks Online Edition test environment?

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Getting onto the Intuit test environment requires submitting an application for review to become a premium IDN developer (much too hard considering I only need a couple of days for testing and more expensive than the solution below).

To be able to test a small application for QBOE, I just created a new QuickBooks Online Edition account/company - signed up for the 30 day free trial. 30 days is more than enough for me to complete my testing... and even if I need more time the basic version is $9.95/month which is completely acceptable in my mind if I want to keep the account around for future testing or contract work.

See this IDN thread for a little more details.

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