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View the change history of a file using Git versioning

talks about other ways of viewing history of a file in git.

Can it be done in emacs magit?

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I think magit-file-log is what you are looking for. It will show you all commits for the file in the current buffer in the standard magit log view.

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In your *magit: <project>* buffer use l to go into logging mode, then press f to be prompted for a filename.

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If magit (user manual) doesn't have that feature, then you can have a look at other Emacs mode, and add you own git-log-file function:

(defun git-log-file ()
  "Display a log of changes to the marked file(s)."
  (let* ((files (git-marked-files))
         (buffer (apply #'git-run-command-buffer "*git-log*" "git-rev-list" \
"--pretty" "HEAD" "--" (git-get-filenames files))))  (with-current-buffer buffer
      ; (git-log-mode)  FIXME: implement log mode
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (setq buffer-read-only t))
    (display-buffer buffer)))
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I do not know a way. I simply use M-x vc-print-log which seems to accomplish the same feat. It is not a magit-integrated way, though.

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