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When I am trying to install apk through command prompt it shows an error like this

daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037
daemon started successfully
EOCD not found, not Zip
file 'com.directv.dvrscheduler_v2.1.1.apk' is not a valid zip file
rm failed for /data/local/tmp/com.directv.dvrscheduler_v2.1.1.apk, No such file
or directory

help me.

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Check this thread out, at end of it they proposed some solution https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/android-developers/nrl9mKjZCrs

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This problem occurs when problem in downloading apk. You may transfer apk statically or storage device, and try again, Hope it will help you. I faced this problem, after transferring apk on skype, i solved my issue.

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