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How do I create a file download link in ActiveAdmin to download an uploaded file?

I tried something like this:

action_item :only=> :show do
 link_to('Download file', [@user, :upload_file])
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I don't know the complete code that you are using but that should work -

routes.rb -

resources :users do
    collection do
      get :upload_file

controller -

 def upload_file
    send_file @user.upload_file.path, :type => 'application/pdf', :filename =>  @user.permalink

View -

 <%= link_to 'Download file', upload_file_users_path(@user) %>
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does this method work with activeAdmin interface? i have done ua way but i get this error [No route matches {:action=>"upload_file", :controller=>"users", :id=>nil}] – Simo Freelancer Jan 16 '13 at 8:30
change routes.rb file with my latest updated post above and then run. Also check your routes for upload file by running rake routes if you get error in routing paths. – My God Jan 16 '13 at 8:33
i keep getting the same error. – Simo Freelancer Jan 16 '13 at 9:08
see the view if you not noted, its now upload_file_users_path(@user) and not upload_file_user_path(@user). Change it and check the result. Again don't forget to check your path in routes if you still get routing errors. – My God Jan 16 '13 at 9:14
i was forced to restart my computer, so that error stopped but i got i new one [undefined method `upload_file_user_path' for #<ActiveAdmin::Views::ActionItem] – Simo Freelancer Jan 16 '13 at 9:19

The action_item will establish the button in the taskbar, but it does not create the actual route or the controller's action method.

You can achieve the download functionality by creating a custom member_action in user.rb

# In app/admin/users.rb
action_item only: [:show] do
  link_to('Download File', download_admin_user_path(resource)) if resource.upload_file.present?

member_action :download, method: :get do
  user = User.find(params[:id])
  send_file user.upload_file

or, my preference, just leverage the RESTful show action in upload_file.rb

# In app/admin/users.rb
action_item only: [:show] do
  # NOTE: remove period from file extension
  file_ext = resource.upload_file.file_extension.gsub('.', '')
  link_to('Download File', download_admin_upload_file_path(resource.upload_file, format: file_ext)) if resource.upload_file.present?

# In app/admin/upload_files.rb
controller do    
  def show
    if params[:format] == 'txt' # example of a known mimetype, e.g. text file
      send_data resource.path, type: 'text/plain'
    elsif params[:format] == resource.file_extension # example of unknown mimetype
      send_file resource.path
    # let ActiveAdmin perform default behavior

cite: http://activeadmin.info/docs/8-custom-actions.html

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