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I'am using NHibernate and FluentNHibernate for SQL Server 2012

I have next classes:

class Foo {
    public virtual bool Enabled;
    public virtual IList<Bar> Children;

class Bar {
    public virtual Foo Parent;

and want to count number of all Bar items for enabled Foo items.

Session.Query<Foo>(x => x.Enabled).Cacheable().Sum(x => x.Children.Count)

but I receive Antlr.Runtime.NoViableAltException exception:

Exception of type 'Antlr.Runtime.NoViableAltException' was thrown. [.Sum[Foo](.Where[Foo](.CacheableFoo, Quote((x, ) => (x.Enabled)), ), Quote((x, ) => (x.Children.Count)), )]

All works fine if I do sum on client side (with loading all Bar items) like this:

Session.Query<Foo>(x => x.Enabled).Cacheable().ToList().Sum(x => x.Children.Count)

Can you suggest best decision to do this on server side?

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var childCount = (from x in Session.Query<Foo>()
                  from child in x.Children
                  where x.Enabled
                  select child).Count();

You should be able to add the .Cacheable() somewhere in there (either after Query() or before Count()).

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I think the part Sum(x => x.Children.Count) causes problems. Rewrite your query like so:

Session.Query<Foo>(x => x.Enabled).Cacheable()
   .Select(x => x.Children.Count).Sum()
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Same exception type: Exception of type 'Antlr.Runtime.NoViableAltException' was thrown. [.Sum(.Select[Foo,System.Int32](.Where[Foo](.Cacheable[Foo](NHibernate.Linq.NhQu‌​eryable`1[Foo], ), Quote((x, ) => (x.Enabled)), ), Quote((x, ) => (x.Children.Count)), ), )] ... –  user809808 Jan 16 '13 at 10:12
What if you use Count() (the extension method) in stead of Count (the IList property)? –  Gert Arnold Jan 16 '13 at 12:14
Very close exception: Exception of type 'Antlr.Runtime.NoViableAltException' was thrown. [.Sum(.Select[Foo,System.Int32](.Where[Foo](.Cacheable[Foo](NHibernate.Linq.NhQu‌​eryable`1[Foo], ), Quote((x, ) => (x.Enabled)), ), Quote((x, ) => (.Count[Bar](x.Children, ))), ), )] –  user809808 Jan 16 '13 at 12:52
Oooh this linq to nhibernate!! Does it work without Cacheable? –  Gert Arnold Jan 16 '13 at 13:19
Same problem with both cases (Count and Count()): Exception of type 'Antlr.Runtime.NoViableAltException' was thrown.[.Sum(.Select[Foo,System.Int32](.Where[Foo](NHibernate.Linq.NhQueryable`1‌​[Foo], Quote((x, ) => (x.Enabled)), ), Quote((x, ) => (.Count[Bar](x.Children, ))), ), )] :-( –  user809808 Jan 16 '13 at 17:15

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