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I have requirement to let the user 'hold' the case/process-instance with him. I can compare the hold state to the 'Suspended' state of Human-Task life-cycle.

The TaskClient.suspend() just takes the task-id and transfers it's state.

But I need to update the task form date as well.

I am not sure of how to do this.

I am planning to explicity call TaskClient.setDocumentContent() and save the data and then call TaskClient.suspend().

Is it a correct approach ?

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Well, can you clarify what will happen with the task on hold? Forms and tasks are separated components in jbpm. If you take a look at the jbpm console ng, the task is in a frozen state while it is in a different state than in progress, so if you change the state to another it will froze the form. Does that work for you?

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