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I cannot access an image that is reside beside the asp.net page.Access is denied any hint?

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access an image in a src tag or via code? Are you sure it's actually there? (maybe remote desktop in and look at the filesystem?) – Neil Thompson Jan 16 '13 at 8:41
I am accessing it with page_load not a tag – Mahmoud Fayez Jan 16 '13 at 8:46
The IIS in cloud doesnot support directory browsing due to security issues. Is it a 403.14 you are getting? – Magnus Karlsson Jan 16 '13 at 8:51
Access to the path 'XXXXXXXXlogo.png' is denied – Mahmoud Fayez Jan 16 '13 at 8:55
Are you using Azure Websites or Azure Cloud Services? – Tom Jan 16 '13 at 10:28

Have you enabled local storage in the configs?

from the article:

local storage in the cloud is not the same as that under our local IIS environment. Local storage, is assumed under an ASP.NET application running on a local IIS server. In the Azure world, you must first configure your role to request local storage as it is deployed. This can be done with the Role Editor in VS

Read more: http://www.intertech.com/Blog/Post/Windows-Azure-Local-File-Storage-How-To-Guide-and-Warnings.aspx#ixzz2I7xrJiBD


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up vote but I am looking for something that allow me to host my 100% asp.net website to azure without changing too much. also I do not want to use any Azure specific features. – Mahmoud Fayez Jan 16 '13 at 9:13

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