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I would like to notify user everytime user has changed the location. I have inserted toast inside the onLocationChanged but then theres a redline on the makeText from toast.makeText. It says

The method makeText(Context, CharSequence, int) in the type Toast is not applicable for the arguments (CurrentLocationOverlay, String, int)

Then I changed from

Toast.makeText(this,"Your current speed is :" +gps.getSpeed, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

to Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(),"Your current speed is :" +gps.getSpeed, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show().

Then it told me create getBaseContext() method. I even changed it to getApplicationContext(). Still the same answer. Even changed it to the class name still the same

public class CurrentLocationOverlay extends MyLocationOverlay {

GPSTracker gps;

  public synchronized void onLocationChanged(Location location) {

    Toast.makeText(this,"Your current speed is :" +gps.getSpeed(), 

    // only move to new position if enabled and we are in an border-area
    if (mc != null && centerOnCurrentLocation && inZoomActiveArea(currentPoint)) {


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I'm pretty sure that the getApplicationContext and getBaseContext can be used when the class is extending Activity.

Is it possible that you extend Activity and implement MyLocationOverlay?

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The specific method needs to extend Activity and then the getApplicationContect can be implemented.

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