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I need to send custom HTTP header with login information to my play application (play 1.2.5). That custom header is added by filter.

Problem is that play always throws NullPointerException when I attempt to read:

String loggedUser = request.headers.get("loggeduser").value();

I have also a servlet for testing, where following prints vale from header correctly.


Am I missing something in play?


EDIT: This is my filter

public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException {
    CustomHeaderWrapper wrapper = new CustomHeaderWrapper((HttpServletRequest) request);
    String username = ((HttpServletRequest) request).getRemoteUser();
    wrapper.addHeader("loggeduser", username);
    chain.doFilter(wrapper, response);

And CustomHeaderWrapper:

private Map<String, String> customHeaderMap = null;

public CustomHeaderWrapper(HttpServletRequest request) {
    customHeaderMap = new HashMap<String, String>();

public String getHeader(String name) {
    String header = super.getHeader(name);
    return (header != null) ? header : this.getParameter(name);

public Enumeration getHeaderNames() {
    List<String> names = Collections.list(super.getHeaderNames());
    return Collections.enumeration(names);

public String getParameter(String name) {
    String paramValue = super.getParameter(name); // query Strings
    if (paramValue == null) {
        paramValue = customHeaderMap.get(name);
    return paramValue;

public void addHeader(String headerName, String headerValue) {
    customHeaderMap.put(headerName, headerValue);
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I created a little test project, and used the line of code from your question. It works perfectly. I used the Dev HTTP Client plugin for Chrome to set the header.

Remember that all headers are converted to lowercase, before they are added to the request.headers hashmap. So if you placed "loggedUser" inside request.headers.get(), it would never work.

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Thanks, I used all lowercase. I have edited question ant put there code which adds this custom header. Filter mapping has url pattern to /* <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern> –  Jozo Panacik Jan 17 '13 at 13:36

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