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I'm migrating my Java application from Lucene 2 to Lucene 4, and I cannot find any good way to convert my code. I also tried to go to http://lucene.apache.org/core/4_0_0-ALPHA/MIGRATE.html but the example code in it simply does not work (for example the method reader.termDocsEnum does not exist for IndexReader or DirectoryReader, but only for AtomicReader I never heard about).

Given an IndexReader called indexReader, the old code was:

Term find = new Term("field", "value");
TermDocs td = indexReader.termDocs(find);
while (termDocs.next()) {
    Document d = termDocs.doc();
    // do stuff

How can I convert that code? Thanks!

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There is a mistake: in the while loop, termDocs should be replaced by td. –  Alessio Palmero Aprosio Jan 16 '13 at 9:25

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The following should be relevant to your case:

The docs/positions enums cannot seek to a term. Instead, TermsEnum is able to seek, and then you request the docs/positions enum from that TermsEnum.

I guess you need this:

TermsEnum termsEnum = atomicReader.terms("fieldName").iterator();
BytesRef text = new BytesRef("searchTerm");
if (termsEnum.seekExact(text, true)) {

The low-level API is now clearly oriented towards atomic (non-composite) readers because this is the only way to top performance. You might wrap te composite reader you acquire from Directory in a SlowCompositeReaderWrapper, but, as the classname already warns, it will be slow.

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