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I've string which includes some irrelevant characters for example :

"t1, t2, t3"

If I'm splitting it by split(",") method I'm getting a list where second and third items include also the white space.

How can I split required string with multiply separator ?

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possible duplicate of Python: sentence splitting produces a whitespace – Useless Jan 16 '13 at 19:03
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If you don't need whitespace you could use :

"t1, t2, t3,t4".replace(" ", "").split(",")
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Either split them by ", " (note the space) or strip the words after that:

[e.strip() for e in "t1, t2, t3,t4".split(",")]
>>> ['t1', 't2', 't3', 't4']
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If there are arbitrary spaces after the commas, just strip the whitespace using a list comprehension:

[t.strip() for t in inputstring.split(',')]

or use a regular expression split (somewhat overkill in this situation):

import re

re.split(r',\s*', inputstring)


>>> inputstring = 't1, t2, t3,t4,   t5'
>>> [t.strip() for t in inputstring.split(',')]
['t1', 't2', 't3', 't4', 't5']
>>> import re
>>> re.split(r',\s*', inputstring)
['t1', 't2', 't3', 't4', 't5']
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Did you try the obvious:

>>> "t1, t2, t3".split(', ')
['t1', 't2', 't3']
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It's not so simple, what if I'll have 3 types of separators ? – Igal Jan 16 '13 at 10:13
@user301639: Then you should have said that in your question. :-) – BrenBarn Jan 16 '13 at 19:01

Use strip().

s = "t1, t2, t3"
s = [x.strip() for x in s.split(",")]
print s
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