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OpenCV 2.4 have detector and descriptor. I am creating keypoints for a lot of images and the problem is that the detector gets the key points but the descriptor sometimes removes them all.

How to disable the descriptor from removing the points and if there is any way to enhance the key points so that they are not removed?

Knowing that i tried a lot of descriptors (sift, surf, brief, etc ...)

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Can you post some code? A CPU implementation can be found in the samples/cpp folder called matcher_simple.cpp. Are you able to run that? I also have run the GPU version of SURF on OpenCV with no problem using:

SURF_GPU surf(1000, 4, 2, false, 0.5);

// detecting keypoints & computing descriptors
GpuMat keypoints1GPU, keypoints2GPU;
GpuMat descriptors1GPU, descriptors2GPU;
surf(img1, GpuMat(), keypoints1GPU, descriptors1GPU);
surf(img2, GpuMat(), keypoints2GPU, descriptors2GPU);

cout << "FOUND " << keypoints1GPU.cols << " keypoints on first image" << endl;
cout << "FOUND " << keypoints2GPU.cols << " keypoints on second image" << endl;

// matching descriptors
BruteForceMatcher_GPU< L2<float> > matcher;
GpuMat trainIdx, distance;
matcher.matchSingle(descriptors1GPU, descriptors2GPU, trainIdx, distance);

// downloading results
vector<KeyPoint> keypoints1, keypoints2;
vector<float> descriptors1, descriptors2;
vector<DMatch> matches;
surf.downloadKeypoints(keypoints1GPU, keypoints1);
surf.downloadKeypoints(keypoints2GPU, keypoints2);
surf.downloadDescriptors(descriptors1GPU, descriptors1);
surf.downloadDescriptors(descriptors2GPU, descriptors2);
BruteForceMatcher_GPU< L2<float> >::matchDownload(trainIdx, distance, matches);

// drawing the results
Mat img_matches, image1, image2;;;
drawMatches(image1, keypoints1, image2, keypoints2, matches, img_matches);
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Is there a support for the same code in Python opencv (GPU) version?

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