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I am playing a little bit with Play 2.0.

Now I have a problem regarding html elements in the message file.

I have the following template extract:


And in the file conf/messages I have:

footer= Test &reg;

When the page is displayed, the message is escaped and displayed as

Test &amp; reg;

I do not want the message to be escaped! I want my html element (®) displayed as it is! But it is not working.

How can I provide the string, so that no escaping takes place? I have tried the following to no avail:

footer= Test \&reg;
footer= Test '&reg;'
footer= test '&'reg;
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If you have HTML element in your translation strings you should include them as follows in the template:


Or did I completely misunderstood your question?

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Perfect! I didn't know about it. Anyway, I think it is not so nice that I have to modify my template in order to display this element. it should be better if I could do it directly in the messages file... –  Jaime Ocampo Jan 16 '13 at 9:27

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