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Hive provides an abstraction layer over java Map Reduce job , so it should have performance issue when compared to Java Map Reduce Jobs.

Do we have any benchmark to compare the performance of Hive Query & Java Map Reduce Jobs ? 

Actual use-cases scenario with run time data , would be real help .


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Your premise that " so it should have performance issue when compared to Java Map Reduce Jobs." is wrong......

Hive (and Pig and crunch and other map/reduce abstractions) would be slower than a fully tuned hand written map/reduce.

However, unless you're experienced with the Hadoop and map/reduce, the chances are, that the map/reduce you'd write would be slower on non-trivial queries vs. what Hive et. al. will do

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Thanks it was insightful – saurabh shashank Jan 16 '13 at 18:28
That's exactly what I meant with my answer! – Pieterjan Jan 17 '13 at 10:31

I did some small test in a VM some time back and I couldn't really notice any difference. Maybe Hive was a few seconds slower sometimes but I can't really tell if that was Hives performance or my VM that was hanging due to low memory. I think that one thing to keep in mind is, Hive will always determine the fastest way to do a MapReduce job. Now, when you write small MapReduce jobs, you'll probably be able to find the fastest way yourself. But with large complex jobs (with joins, etc.) will you always be able to compete with Hive?

Also, the time you need to write a MapReduce job of multiple classes and methods seems to take ages in comparison with writing a HiveQL query.

On the other hand, I had the feeling that when I wrote the job myself it was easier to know what was going on.

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I have tested hive against map reduce for sorting , hive was way behind for 1 TB data .Here I am looking for any paper/usecase/theoretical-concept to prove the same. Hive is easy to code & maintain .But Map Reduce is complex & perform better – saurabh shashank Jan 16 '13 at 9:53

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