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I'm using something like
to get the id of refresh job which refreshes the materialized view by the name of mv.
(the content of 'WHAT' is dbms_refresh.refresh('"SCHEMA_USER"."NAME_OF_MVIEW"'))

I wanna know if there is a table or view which holds both job id and mv name, so i can use select JOB ... where WHATEVER = 'NAME_OF_MVIEW'.
Or any better way to get the refresh job id.


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you can run this:

select m.*, r.job
  from dba_refresh r
       inner join dba_refresh_children rc
               on rc.rowner = r.rowner
              and rc.rname = r.rname
       inner join dba_mviews m
               on m.owner = rc.owner
              and m.mview_name = rc.name;

and add an applicalbe where clause filtering on the name of the mview.

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