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I have created in vs2010 a report with the name "clients", which shows a list of clients with the following attributes:


I have created this report with a datasource and a dataset. In this dataset I have created a query like this:

select firstname, lastname, adres, country, birthday
from clients

This is working!

I would like to add 2 optonal parameters:

param_clientID ,param_birthDay

I would like to use these parameters in a where clausule ONLY if they are filled.

where clientID = param_clientID and birthday = param_birthDay

It should be possible that the clientID is filled, and the birthday parameter not. Otherwise also.

How can I do this?

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Adding (optional) parameters to you report is quite easy.

First of all make your parameters nullable.

select firstname, lastname, adres, country, birthday 
from clients
where (clientID = @clientID or @clientID is null) 
and (birthday = @birthDay or @birthDay is null)

For more detailed description:

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Original poster did ask to only include the where clause if the parameters are used. using or null can have serious performance issues – ufosnowcat Oct 1 '13 at 9:50

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