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In form submission i am giving action using jquery

Here is my HTML code

<form name="frmSearchTops" id="frmSearchTops" method="post" onsubmit="searchitem();">
        <select  name="cboCityNameRes" id="cboCityNameRes">
          <option value=''>City</option>
             {foreach from= $arritemCities item=foo}                      
               {if $smarty.post.hdnCityName eq $foo}                                
                  <option value="{$foo}" selected="selected">{$foo}</option>          
                <option value="{$foo}" {if $foo eq 'City'} selected="selected"{/if}>
    <select name="cboMaterial" id="cboMaterial">
      <option value="">Material</option>
      <option value="CT">Cotton</option>
      <option value="SL">Silk</option>
     <input name="btnSearch" type="button" value="Search" id="btnSearch"/>       

Jquery Code

<script type="text/javascript">
 function searchitem()
    var strCity = $('#cboCityNameRes').val();
    $("#frmSearchTops").attr("action", "/womens-tops-" + strCity + ".php");

Here i am giving action to a dummy link womens-tops-chennai.php. In controller it will redirect to actual page.But for me its not working.Can i submit like this

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Wrap it in document.ready –  Arvind Bhardwaj Jan 16 '13 at 9:36
inside document.ready i can use function –  Athi Jan 16 '13 at 9:38
why document.ready? i dont see reason –  doniyor Jan 16 '13 at 9:41
document.ready won't make any difference, the event is added inline. –  MrCode Jan 16 '13 at 9:42
in form tag no need to specify action –  Athi Jan 16 '13 at 9:44

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You are trying to submit form using button type which cannot submit the form, so instead call the function with the onclick event and your script has code to submit the form

<input name="btnSearch" type="button" value="Search" id="btnSearch" onclick='searchitem();'/>

working demo

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Atleast pls comment for downvoting?? –  Sibu Jan 16 '13 at 9:48
i want to specify the url where i can give –  Athi Jan 16 '13 at 9:52
@Athi check my updated answer., i have included a demo –  Sibu Jan 16 '13 at 10:15

Change your button to a submit button. You have an input with type button which will not submit a form by default. That is why your form doesn't submit.

<input name="btnSearch" type="submit" value="Search" id="btnSearch"/>

With a submit button, you won't need to call .submit() because that will happen automatically when your onsubmit event handler completes.

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its making some css problem –  Athi Jan 16 '13 at 9:46
A CSS problem? Then perhaps you have some CSS targeting input[type=button]? –  MrCode Jan 16 '13 at 9:48
yes but to submit a form you need a element with type="submit" the intenet explorer would not send the form if no submit type available –  Holger D. Schauf Jan 16 '13 at 9:48
i am using an image for button so its making design error –  Athi Jan 16 '13 at 9:51
Then change your CSS to target input[type=submit] instead of input[type=button]. –  MrCode Jan 16 '13 at 9:52

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