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When I call protoc like this

protoc --cpp_out=. path/to/test.proto

the files

  • path/to/test.pb.cc and
  • path/to/test.pb.h

are generated which is what I want. But, since the cc needs the h, the h is included like this

#include "path/to/test.pb.h"

which is not what I want. The background is that my build tool (scons) calls protoc from the project's root and not from the directory which includes the source files. I found no obvious option in the manpage or the help text.

So my next idea was to consider this as "correct" and adjust my build system, but: The two files are siblings in the directory tree, so when one includes the other, no path is needed. Even compiling by hand fails.

Can someone help me with that?

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Doing find-replace on generated files is most likely easier than reorganization of your build system (use sed command on Linux/unix).

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What I ended up doing for my project is as follows:

  1. Create a pb/ directory at the same level as your include/ and src/ directories.

  2. Put your .proto files in there, and create a makefile. Write the following in it:

    CXX = g++
    CXXFLAGS = -O3
    PROTOBF = $(shell find ./ -name '*.proto')
    SOURCES = $(subst proto,pb.cc,$(PROTOBF))
    OBJECTS = $(subst proto,pb.o,$(PROTOBF))
    default: $(OBJECTS)
        @echo -n
    $(SOURCES): %.pb.cc : %.proto
        protoc --cpp_out=. $<
    $(OBJECTS): %.pb.o : %.pb.cc
        $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -c $< -o $@

    Which will essentially generate and build the protobuffer files when invoked.

  3. In your main makefile, simply add the following include path: -Ipb/.

    And when including a protocol buffer header, use #include <whatever.pb.h>.

  4. Add the object files generated in pb/ to your linking step. Myself I used:

    PB_OBJS = $(shell find pb/ -name '*.pb.o')

    And gave that to the linker along with the normal object files in obj/.

Then, you can probably call the pb/ makefile from the main makefile if you want to automate it. The important point is that protoc be called from the pb/ directory or the include will be messed up.

Sorry for the ugly makefiles. At least it works, and I hope this helps you...

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