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I am looking to test our in-app purchasing code and would like to be able to test all the different possible situations. However, it seems like it is difficult/impossible to test some of the rarer cases that sometimes happen.

I know that with iOS6 I can simulate a bad network connection, but there must be other situations that might cause a failure. For example,

  1. If the user needs to verify their payment method (for example, because they are using a new credit card or they are purchasing on a device for the first time). As far as I know, there is no way to test this situation in the Sandbox environment.

  2. A failed transaction inside the app (I guess this could be simulated through bad network simulation)

  3. Being in the wrong app store:

    3.1. perhaps the in-app purchase is not available in the user's app store or,

    3.2. the user needs to switch app store

I would be very grateful if anyone had some solid methods to test some of these scenarios (and any others I have not written above). It seems some of these are not testable until you are in the production environment.


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