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We are using a JavaCAPS (JCAPS 5.X and 6.X) and want to migrate to WSO2 ESB. Now the question is how we can migrate with as much automatic migration as possible.

TThe JCDs can be migrated to a custom mediator class that is being by a WSO2 proxy or sequence. But our main issue is the migration of the different OTD(Object Type Definitions) like DatabaseStockedProcedure, WebService, CustomTextFile, ...

Are there any tools or howto guides to convert the JCAPS components to WSO2 compatible components (or standard Java implementations like JAXB or similar)?

(Please no recommendations for other ESB)

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There was a post on Linkedin regarding this . You may need to have a linkedin profile to see the discussion.

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There are some new additional slides about the implementation of the Migration from JCAPS to WSO2.

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