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Right now (C# 4.0) our logging method looks like

public void Log(string methodName, string messageFormat, params object[] messageParameters)

where the logger does the string formatting, so that the caller does not have put String.Format's to create a nice log message (and allows for the logger to skip the string formatting if no logviewer is attached).

With c# 5.0 I would like to get rid of the methodName parameter by using the new CallerMemberName attribute but I don't see how this can be combined with the 'params' keyword. Is there a way to do this?

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I believe you simply can't combine params and optional parameters, which are required for CallerMemberName. The best you can do is to use actual array instead of params.

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I was afraid so. Thanks for the confirmation. – Emile Jan 17 '13 at 8:08

You could do something like this:

protected static object[] Args(params object[] args)
    return args;

protected void Log(string message, object[] args = null, [CallerMemberName] string method = "")
    // Log

To use the log do like this:

Log("My formatted message a1 = {0}, a2 = {2}", Args(10, "Nice"));
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