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I'm wondering if there is a tool that will let me check if a oracle script will run fine on another database (if my script from DEV db will run ok on QA db). I don't want to run/execute anything there (I dont have permisson), I just want to verify that once someone runs the script, it will execute without errors. Is this possible at all?

I use Toad for Oracle as my current IDE.

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The usual approach is to take a copy of the production database into a test database and apply the script on the test database.

If you don't have a spare test database, you can recreate the DEV db from production (at least the structure) and run the test on your DEV database.

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Yes this is what I do currently, but it would be more handy with a tool where I could "validate" a script or simulate it before even starting the process of copying the prod database to test etc – ardal Jan 16 '13 at 11:12

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