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I have a timestamp in milliseconds, e.g. 1358328037000

what is the fastest way to get the Dateobject out of it? I need it in this way Date(2013,0,2,12,2,20)

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$mil = 1358328037000;
$seconds = $mil / 1000;
echo date("y,m,d,h,i,s", $seconds);

I have not tried this myself but it should help you to reach your goal.

I also recommend you to check out these pages



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Use the DateTime class, which has been available since PHP 5.3. The function you are looking for here is createFromFormat:

$dt = \DateTime::createFromFormat('U', (string) floor(1358328037000/1000));
echo $dt->format('Y,m,d,h,i,s');

This will drop the microseconds, which isn't a big deal if they aren't important.

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