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I'm trying to render customer html based on the column data. Say show "promotion image" if IsHavingPromotion = true.

Or render star rating image based on the value retrieved. How do i do it with KendoUI template?

        .Columns(columns =>
                    columns.Bound(r => r.Id).Hidden(true);
                    columns.Bound(r => r.Name);
                    columns.Bound(r => r.GuestNumberMax).ClientTemplate("suitable for <strong>#= GuestNumberMax #</strong> pax");
                    columns.Bound(r => r.Description);
                    columns.Bound(r => r.IsHavingPromotion).ClientTemplate("# RenderIsHavingPromotion(this, IsHavingPromotion) #");
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'Or render star rating image based on the value retrieved' , retrieved from where? Basically you can use external JavaScript function to handle your template:

columns.Bound(r => r.IsHavingPromotion).ClientTemplate("#=RenderIsHavingPromotion(data)#");

    function RenderIsHavingPromotion(model){
              return '<img src="/promoted.png"/>';
              //you other logic

I hope you got the idea.

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