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I am writing a web2py query to run against the database but it won't display the results as i get an error stating Set: No tables selected...

I was wondering if some one can help me out with this?

The table I was to run the query against is:

    Field('FlightNum', type = 'string', length = 10, notnull = True),
    Field('PlaneID', type = 'string', length = 10, notnull = True),
    Field('DepartureLocation', type = 'string', length = 20, notnull = True),
    Field('ArrivalLocation', type = 'string', length = 20, notnull = True),
    Field('DepartureDate', type='date'),
    Field('ArrivalDate', type='date'),
    Field('DepartureTime', type = 'time'),
    Field('ArrivalTime', type = 'time'))

My query is:

def displayFlights():
    tuples=db((db.Flight.DepartureLocation is request.vars.DepartureLocation)&
       (db.Flight.ArrivalLocation is request.vars.ArrivalLocation)&
       (db.Flight.DepartureDate is request.vars.DepartureDate)&
       (db.Flight.ArrivalDate is request.vars.DepartureDate)).select()
    return dict(tuples=tuples)

Can some one please help me correct this query?

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Queries must be constructed with ==, not is:

db.Flight.DepartureLocation == request.vars.DepartureLocation
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Hi Anthony, I am trying that right now however with the HTML form i could have radio buttons with the SQL form or the FORM I can't use it, Hence working with HTML form.. – theNoob Jan 16 '13 at 12:56
Yes, you can have radio buttons with FORM -- see the book section on widgets. Also, note that you can construct the form in HTML but still use the FORM object on the server to process the submitted values -- see web2py.com/books/default/chapter/29/07#SQLFORM-in-HTML. Note, if you use SQLFORM, you should use the .validate() method or .process(..., dbio=False) -- otherwise the submitted values will be inserted as a new record in the database. – Anthony Jan 16 '13 at 13:48
It might also help if you read through the first few chapters of the book (especially the chapters on the DAL and Forms). – Anthony Jan 16 '13 at 13:49

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